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Sleeping Beauty - Child

Product Description

This Idea of Transformation... played a large role in my design of the Sleeping Beauty Room, because I had the opportunity to show my clients just how simple it is to create a space that is ageless. It has become common for parents to ask me for a room design that can grow with their child. They want a room that can start as a nursery and then easily transform into a child’s room, further leading to a teen room. “With modifications in the bed and some furniture, a beautiful room can stay with your child throughout his/her life.

I Wanted to Demonstrate the Ease... in which my Sleeping Beauty’s Nursery could transform into a corresponding Child’s room. To be honest, the task is neither especially daunting nor intended to raise concern. After all, such fluidity in design can be attributed to the ageless flair found throughout my signature ZoyaB. Collection. When it came time to actually update the room, I was sure to maintain the thematic foundation of the space, while replacing any items deemed too young with a selection considered more age appropriate. Of course the most noticeable difference is the new centerpiece of the room. It’s a tufted, upholstered Princess day bed with a crown so regal, that any child below would feel as though they were waking up to the royal treatment every morning.

The Fairies Remain... in the room as timeless pieces of art, but they will also continue to instill in your child the virtues that they represent. The Sleeping Beauty Child inspired bedroom will have you dream wonderful thoughts of “happily ever after” as the classic fairytale brings protection to your little one from the lilac fairy and the maidens. As we surround and cast the colors of pinks, pastels and other tints to saturate the emotion of cherishing our inner child. The child will be yearning to delight in fun and imagination, thus, giving shape to their personalities of individuality and great character.

Rooms by ZoyaB. book - 1st edition
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Rooms by ZoyaB. book - 2nd edition
is an Interior Design portfolio of baby nurseries and children's rooms by a highly regarded and renowned interior designer Zoya Bograd, ASID.
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"A woman with a child rediscovers the world... All is judged by the life of the child and the life of all children."

Happy Child...Better World

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