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Peter's Room

Product Description

I Won’t Grow up!... Those were the famous words of Peter Pan, and the child of this room loves to say them too. He is a New Yorker who has just turned two years-old, and his favorite stories are Peter Pan, The Lion King, Jungle Book and Anansi the Spider – a tale from the Ashanti. Peter’s personalized room celebrates the good spirits of life. The playfulness of the elephant leaping out at us, reminds of a purpose of cherishing the moment.

Every Child has His own Favorite Stories and Characters... Parents and educators will often use these stories to provide their applicable children with the kinds of lessons that are seldom forgotten. It is my upmost believe that the design of a child’s room can also play a significant role in education, specifically regarding the lessons of classic fairy tales and fables. When my own daughter was very young, we would start by reading a book together, from which I could see just how inspired she was from the tale. And so we would buy a toy and that would allow her to play and cultivate her imagination. Lastly, we would buy a video and talk about differences and similarities.

I Wanted to Surround... our little boy with a space both enchanting and engaging to cultivate the means for an environment in which his imagination could flourish. With the thought of imaginative playtime at hand, I realized that it’d only be appropriate for such an energetic little boy to have his very own faux leather wingback chair. In my mind, Peter would know the importance of reading, to which I couldn't help but provide him with at least the start of his very own library. But more importantly, the bookcase is at Peter’s reaching level, and that allows him to develop his sense of independence, while equally challenging his creativity. While Peter might still be saying, ”I won’t grow up!”, for a while, we can certainly engage and nurture his cognitive skills in the meantime.


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"A woman with a child rediscovers the world... All is judged by the life of the child and the life of all children."

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