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Research has shown... that making art – or just talking about it – provides opportunities for young children to learn words for colors, shapes and actions. There are a myriad of developmental benefits associated with exposing children at an early age to the creative arts, including improved motor skills, language development, visual-spatial skills, inventiveness, cultural awareness, academic awareness and even decision-making abilities. Consequently, incorporating murals into your child’s bedroom can make a dynamic impact on their development. Providing your children with a vibrant and visually-stimulating interior can be a source of daily enrichment and inspiration.

By viewing the murals in their room... children are not only creatively inspired but more apt to take part in ‘make-believe’, allowing them to imagine they’re in a different place… a different country… and most enchantingly, a place of their own. The bedroom or nursery becomes a living work of interactive art, encouraging their imagination to grow and expand exponentially. In their formative years, strategic use of colors and shapes within their living space is especially valuable for infants and toddlers. Numerous child studies have shown that a combination of color therapy and the representation of shapes have a substantial impact on a baby’s cognitive and spatial development. A baby is naturally stimulated by a beautiful mural, and with daily exposure, will be able to visually identify objects and animals on sight. Murals also provide a great starting point for dialogue with your baby between parents and older siblings, providing an engaging and memorable opportunity for language development skills.

Murals are a very versatile platform... in the world of interior design. They allow my clients to see their dreams come to fruition, as anything is visually possible when murals are incorporated into a space. Custom-designed murals can depict historical events, such as Columbus sailing the ocean, real-life scenarios including animals grazing in a pasture, spiritual or religious-themed nurseries, including angels joyously flying overhead, or fantasy-inspired bedrooms, featuring characters from your child’s favorite story book, movie or cartoon. Whatever you can imagine, I can bring to life through my customized and unique murals – an original living art form that will grow with a child and inspire their development throughout their childhood. Most importantly, they will create beautiful memories that you and your little one will cherish for a lifetime. 

Rooms by ZoyaB. book - 1st edition
is an Interior Design portfolio of baby nurseries and children's rooms by a highly regarded and renowned interior designer Zoya Bograd, ASID.
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Rooms by ZoyaB. book - 2nd edition
is an Interior Design portfolio of baby nurseries and children's rooms by a highly regarded and renowned interior designer Zoya Bograd, ASID.
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